Sunday, 16 November 2014

A handy factsheet about immigrants and health tourism courtesy of the NHAP

Most immigrants who come here young, healthy, work+pay taxes. They pay in MORE than they take out:
Twice as many foreign visitors pay to use the NHS as exploit free health care:
UK is a net beneficiary of health tourism. Immigrants account for 4.5% of the population in England, but they are responsible for less than 2% of NHS expenditure:
Non-EEA migrants contribute 2% more in taxes than is spent on them, making them net contributors to the UK:
More British people get treatment abroad than foreigners get treatment here:
Medical tourism generates millions for NHS and wider economy:
BMA warns income from charging migrants won’t even cover the cost of administration:
The NHS would collapse without immigrants – more than a third of registered doctors completed their primary medical qualification outside the UK:
More than 5,000 nurses come to UK from EU, as training for home-grown staff has been cut:

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