Thursday, 28 April 2016

Idomeni Diary: Day 1

From the 16th to the 21st March I visited Idomeni refugee camp in Greece to assist with the volunteer relief efforts. The following posts contain pictures of the camp and an account of my time there.

Hotel Polikastro, the unofficial volunteer center 
Warehouse for storing items for distribution at the camps

UNHCR tents, fresh shelters for vulnerable refugees

Assembling food packages
Everything is soaked

Train driving through the camp on its way to the Macedonian border

Goods can cross the border, but not refugees

Food distribution, we were assisted with distribution and crowd control by a number of refugees, who were invaluable
Kevin, Phil and Mick who drove non-stop for 72 hours from Ireland to deliver 5000 pairs of children's shoes to the camp for St Patrick's day, in a bid to raise awareness

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